At Cape Kitchen Designs, we offer the best in hand painted, Shaker and Country Style kitchens, which can be finished in either a plain colour, or with a Paint-technique finish. We also bring you the latest in Kitchen Accessories and Furniture, to create your Dream Kitchen.

Midnight Blue and White hand painted kitchen

The beauty of a Hand Painted kitchen is that it gives your kitchen a unique, individual look, that is easy to maintain, and if you do feel like a change after a few years, you can just have it painted in another colour or finish, to give a different look and feel to your kitchen.

With a painted kitchen, you have the freedom to choose any colour of your choice, and get really creative when designing your kitchen. You are not restricted to choosing only available colours as with melamine or spray painted finishes. You can colour match to complement your soft furnishing or accessories, and create a completely integrated space where you will want to spend time and gather with friends and family.

You could combine various colours, to make an island unit stand out, or by mixing 3 different shades, you can give your kitchen the feel of an unfitted kitchen, and also break up a long run of  cabinetry.

Kitchen in Winelands Estate – Off white hand painted cupboards with Dove Grey Island.

Hand painted kitchens will never go out of fashion, as happens to current trend kitchens. It has been around for centuries, and people still appreciate the warmth and individuality of a hand painted kitchen.

You can have your kitchen designed and manufactured by your selected company, and ask them to work with us to provide you with a beautiful hand painted kitchen, or we can assist you with the design and installation of a new kitchen.

At Cape Kitchen Designs we also do kitchen revamps, so if you have a kitchen that is still in good condition, but you just want to give it a new look, we can paint it in a colour of your choice, to make it look brand new. If you have a melamine or solid wood kitchen that is starting to look a bit tired, we can give it a new lease on life with a hand painted finish. We have completed many make over projects, and the client is always thrilled and very happy with the finished product, at a fraction of the cost of a newly fitted kitchen.

Below is an example of a melamine kitchen that just did not fit in with the Tuscan Style home, and the owners wanted a beautiful kitchen that complemented the rest of the home decor. Instead of spending a fortune on having a new kitchen installed, they contracted us to give their kitchen a complete transformation, keeping all the cupboards and doors as is. We painted the kitchen cupboards with a white hand painted finish, and the Island in a lovely dark teal colour, which transformed this kitchen from a dark, depressing kitchen, into a light and welcoming one.

Hand Painted Kitchen

After Revamp


Old Wood Look Melamine Cupboards Before Revamp

With our website we also hope to give you ideas and inspiration to create your dream kitchen and home. We will be sharing information about products, and unique ideas to give your home your personal touch.

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